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Broke in L.A.

for the financially challenged and the frugal at heart | brokeinla.com

For the financially challenged and frugal at heart
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Not everyone in L.A. has a Beverly Hills budget -- BROKEINLA is for the rest of us. We want to hear about:

- cool events that are free or up to $10(concerts and out-of-the-ordinary clubs; art shows; classes and seminars; festivals; sporting events; family fare; rpg's; thrift stores and outlets; great dives...

- the inside line on how you get stuff free or nearly so (no buying/selling here; use craigslist)

- tips on living on the cheap

- true stories from the monetary edge

Rest assured that you won't have to contend with: advertising, solicitation, religious appeals, or other annoyances as determined by moderator, because I will delete them with a vengeance. If you get the inside scoop on a cheap gas station or great garage sale, post it; but if you're pushing your discount mattresses or massage services, move on!

**EVENT PROMOTIONAL GRAPHICS larger than 425px width OR 360px height must be placed behind a cut, or the entry will be deleted.**